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What Is Flat Track Roller Derby?

This is NOT your parent's roller derby! You probably recall flying elbows and wild take downs. Watching on T.V. and cheering on the fights.


Well since then, flat track roller derby has evolved and formed into a fast-paced full contact sport. It is vital to have speed, strategy, and athleticism in this game.


  You will find Flat Track Roller Derby on any flat surface that is suitable for skating! Some times you can even find bank track roller derby and Renegade Roller Derby.

How Do You Play Roller Derby?

  • Each team fields five players at a time.

  • Out of those five players, four are BLOCKERS and one is the JAMMER (point scorer).

  • The four blockers from each team line up together between a designated "Pivot Line" and "Jammer Line" marked on the track, to form a PACK, while the two jammers line up behind the Jammer Line.

  • The skater wearing the star on her helmet is the jammer. The skater wearing the stripe on her helmet is called the PIVOT. The pivot is commonly the pack leader and defensive play caller, similar to football's middle linebacker position.

  • On the whistle the pack and jammers may begin to engage each other.

  • On the first lap, the jammers earn no points, but the first jammer to legally pass each blocker on the opposing team and clear the pack is called LEAD JAMMER.  The Lead Jammer reserves the right to strategically end the jam before the two minutes are completed by repeatedly gesturing with her hands on her hips. If both jammers commit fouls on their first lap, there is no Lead Jammer in that jam and it will run for the full 2 minutes. 

  • After a jammer completes her initial lap, she scores 1 point for each opposing skater she passes.


What Gear Do I Need For The Skate Club?

Ideally you just want skates or your choice of skate items. A lot of CSDL & SCSC Trail Skate or Vert Skate at local skate parks. We definitely recommend to have the same gear as the Roller Derby skaters but that is your choice to your comfort and skating ability.

How Do I Become A Skater?

Once you are ready, submit your contact information on the right and let your skating journey begin. Once your information is received,  you will be contacted by a fellow skater. Followed up by a membership application and orientation date.


 Remember, you can opt out at any time of course (but you won’t want to!). The orientation will include: Who we are as an organization, logistics of getting started including costs and gear, along with what the next steps are. 


When and Where Are Practices?

  • Roller Derby practices will  be on Tuesday Evenings from 7pm-9pm at Eric Michael Ogden Skate Park

  • Skate Basics and Artistic Skating 101 will be on Thursday Evenings from 8pm-10pm at Eric Michael Ogden Skate Park

  • Trail and Skate Park skating will set up randomly at various locations throughout Tucson and Arizona if you are up for a field trip.


How Old Do I Have To Be?

You will need to be age 18 yrs + in order for you to skate Roller Derby with Copper State Derby League.


If you are under age don't worry we got you covered. We have a few fellow skaters that volunteer and teach the Tucson Derby Brats Junior's team. 

What If I Don't Know How To Skate?

No problem! No prior skating or derby experience is needed. Our Baby Bat's Program is a 20 week course that will teach you all the basic skills you need in order to be ready to skate in a game. 

Check out ACD"s short Video on trying Roller Derby for the first time.  

Can I Still Join If I Don't Want To Skate?

Absolutely! We are a community and everyone is welcome, there are so many behind the scene jobs that make this League and Club run. You can join as a Ref, Non-Skating Offical (NSO), Announcer, event planning, media production, photography, medical staff, etc. Contact us through Social Media or by E-mail and we can get you started.  NO EXPERICED NEEDED, we have a lot of professionals that train on the go.

Do I Need Skate Gear Right Away?

Yes. You always want to make sure you have the proper gear before you start skating and playing Roller Derby. If you don't have gear right away, no worries check in with the Training team to see if there is spare gear in the loaner box. We do our best to have spare gear for all. 

What Gear Do I Need For Roller Derby?

Before you get started we highly suggest that you drop by a practice to check it out. We have some loaner gear that you can borrow to see if skating is your thing. Once you are ready to join, we require the following gear for your safety since Roller Derby is a contact sport.



  • Helmet

  • Knee Pads

  • Elbow Pads

  • Wrist Guards

  • Mouth Piece

  • Quad Skates

  • Padded Shorts

  • Shin Guards

  • Knee Gaskets

  • Shoulder Padding or Braces ( If you've had previous shoulder injuries)

Contact Us

Can't wait to meet you

How Do I Become A Volunteer?

Woohoo..........we are so excited for you to join!  It is super easy, submit your contact information above and let us know what you are interested in.


 Once your information is received,  you will be contacted by a fellow skater . Followed up with details and information about becoming a Community Volunteer.


Don't forget, once you have join Copper State Derby League and Sabino Canyon Skate Club you are more than welcome to check out all of the volunteer options, you are not stuck in one spot.



Check out this video by The HIT SQUAD

Is Roller Derby For Women Only?

No.  Roller Derby is for All Genders. You will see All Women's, All Men's, CO-ED and All Genders Roller Derby.

Roller Derby is for EVERYONE!

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